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Category: Moving

ParAid IBEX IV Transeat Evacuation Chair

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Product Description

Product Description

The IBEX safely descends and ascends stairs without carrying or heavy lifting and is suitable for spiral stairs and where space is restricted. Having this gave us a feeling of security, but we never had to use it. It's like new.

Using gravity and friction on an endless traction belt, the narrow track provides excellent maneuverability. Easy to carry and simple to use, it reduces the risk of back injury to caregivers. Wall-mount storage rack, for easy access.

* Telescoping handle positions for different passenger sizes
* Detachable seat and backrest is easy to clean and simple to replace
* Adjustable patient straps for assured safety
* Adjustable brake provides easily controlled descent for solo caregiver
* Stainless steel frame construction assures durability
* Front guide handles provide full control of descent and ascent
* Weight limit: 350 lbs.

List Date
September 13, 2023
Product Received
June 22, 2018

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