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LittleWins Medical Supply Subscription Box
LittleWins Medical Supply Subscription Box

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LittleWins Medical Supply Subscription Boxes!

We're excited to announce, we are now open to a small group of individuals who would like to work together and make sure this awesome concept is just as efficient as we all need it to be. Wanna be on that team?

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Let’s Build a Community

Let’s Build a Community

Hi! I’m Lexis Serot, the mother of four young children and the founder of LittleWins. One of my twin daughters has cerebral palsy. I have spent the last five years familiarizing myself with the many forms of care, therapies, and equipment that could help my child reach her fullest potential. During this time, I learned how difficult it can be to navigate a frustratingly complex system that regularly leaves me feeling isolated and alone.

That's why I created LittleWins, a community of support and sharing among people with disabilities. Our goal is to help people of all ages, and those that support them, acquire the tools and equipment they need to thrive.

I look forward to hearing your stories and receiving your feedback as we build the LittleWins community together.

Lexis Serot Signature

Lexis Noel Serot
Mom Founder of LittleWins

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The Biggest Little Win

Another happy LittleWins user

Our Biggest LittleWin this month comes from my friend Victoria who I met earlier this year, in April. Victoria reached out to LittleWins looking for a wheelchair that a family member needed, and we happened to have the perfect fit! When shipping was too expensive, Victoria decided to fly from North Carolina to Chicago! (Our community members know how to step-up when needed, I love it!!) 💜

Over breakfast, we talked about everything from our kids to ways we can help other countries. Before she left, she said, "[our] family is blessed with the generosity of LittleWins. When I got the call of the availability of this precious gift, I hopped on the next plane from Durham to Chicago with no problems at all. Thank you, Lexis and team, for being so amazing. Continue to be blessed." It was then, that I knew we would stay in-touch. Flash forward to September, and there it was, a follow-up message from Victoria! 💜

It may be short and sweet, but it’s to the point!

Thank you, LittleWins!
- Jaime Richardson (Hero Mom)

Our Values

LittleWins' Guiding Principles
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We believe in doing the right thing, and in being good stewards of the resources and relationships entrusted to us.

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We seek to empower our members by giving them access to the tools and resources they need to improve their lives.

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We care about our members and their families and offer an environment and interactions free from judgment or expectations.

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We believe that working together generates richer outcomes and that fostering community is the key to better results.

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We value and honor our differences, embracing the people and communities we serve.

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We follow through on our commitments and take ownership of our results.