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Category: Moving

Manual Wheelchair

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Product Description

Product Description

I received this wheelchair for free from a friend of a friend, after I fractured my tibia and had surgery. I was given it as an act of goodwill and I want to pass it along. Unfortunately, I am not quite sure of the measurements, type, or anything related to what type of wheelchair it is so hopefully the pictures can convey what needs to be known.

Both wheels have locks, there are foot rests (not an elevated leg option) that can be folded out for use or folded away. The wheelchair itself can be folded in half by grabbing the seat and lifting up and I am honestly not quite sure what else I should say about it... Locks into the bus locking mechanism..

I do not have a car to transport it to you. I live in Uptown and am willing to meet somewhere in the area.

List Date
January 04, 2023

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