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Mobility Research LiteGait Home Rehab System

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Product Description

Product Description

LiteGait 4 Home (LG4H 220), with a GaitKeeper (GK S20) therapeutic treadmill
Like-new condition, fully and accurately functioning. First person takes.

The LiteGait 4Home boasts the same yoke structure, overhead straps and harness design as the clinical LiteGait models, providing postural control, balance, and a safe environment for practice of gait, balance, activities of daily living and other functional tasks. Unweighting can be provided with the LiteGait 4Home to lift a user onto a treadmill or provide a supported environment for easier practice of walking and other activities. The LiteGait 4Home increases stamina and health by meeting the needs of home users of all functional levels. The LiteGait 4Home can be used over ground or over a treadmill.

The treadmill included in this package is the GaitKeeper GK S20, designed for rehabilitation. The GK S20 is ideal for meeting your rehabilitation needs, designed with features preferred by clinicians while being simple for patients. The easy-to-read display shows distance in feet/meters and miles/kilometers and allows for programming of goals for session. The display console is removable, which allows a clinician visiting your home to monitor your progress and adjust parameters from various positions in the room.

The GK S20 features a true zero start and 0.1 mph increments, allowing safe use for patients of all levels. The 20" by 56" belt provides ample walking space, while the high-torque motor keeps the belt running smoothly, even at very low speeds.

The GK S20 handlebars are unique. They have 20 secure, incremental positions to match patients of all sizes. With more adjustable range and precision than any other handlebars, the GK S20 handlebars can be at the exact height and width to provide you with the safest, most effective, and most comfortable home rehabilitation possible.

The GK S20 offers speeds up to 6 mph, inclines up to 15%, and can support up to 400 pounds. The TUVc TUVus, Standard UL, CAN/CSA certification assures you that the GK S20 is truly the most reliable, accurate, and therapeutic addition to your home rehabilitation program!

This package also includes a set of Q-Straps for hands-free pelvic cueing and support while using the LiteGait. The Q-Straps feature adjustable length and variable elasticity. These straps connect your harness to the LiteGait, providing you with positional cueing during your therapy. They also offer a helping hand to therapists so they can focus on other tasks. Q-straps can easily attach to various places on your LiteGait system for optimal efficacy.

(Accessories, education resources, in-home training, and online consultation available directly from Mobility Research.)

List Date
September 13, 2023

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