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Category: Sitting

Spiky Tactile Cushion



Product Description

Product Description

Seat Cushions for Sensory Support

A cushion designed especially for sensory seekers! Spiky on one side and bumpy on the other, so kids can choose which type of tactile input they prefer. Helps kids and teens who need a heightened sensory experience stay seated for longer periods of time. Provides a discreet outlet for movement during circle time, desk work or while eating. Sensory input engages core and helps improve focus. Lightweight and portable for easy travel from home to school or work.

Encourages weight shifting and movement to sharpen focus
Challenges balance, body awareness and core strength
Helps improve posture
Made by Fun and Function
Age 3+
Getting Started
Cushions can be inflated with Volume Hand Pump (sold separately). To inflate cushion, remove white air plug, fill cushion using pump and replace air plug.

Ideas for Use

Inflate to the max for a firmer seat, or deflate for a more wobbly feel
Use while standing to help strengthen balance skills
Sit on the cushion during circle time, in the classroom or while eating to encourage movement without disrupting peers

List Date
March 08, 2021

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