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Sensory Tool Kit



Product Description

Product Description

Customize your own Break Box (or purchase a Ready-Made Break Box) to help students renew concentration, calm down or re-energize for better learning results. Choose from 35+ award-winning sensory tools that address classroom behavior issues and re-engage body and mind.

Provides sensory-based activities to help manage behavior
Choice of fine and gross motor tools, calming weight and heavy work
Enables students to self-regulate
Made by Fun and Function
Age 3+
Ideas for Use
Toss a Bean Bag when students ask or answer a question to sharpen coordination and focus
Work out with Space Explorers or Crawl and Calm Resistance Tunnel to strengthen muscles and increase alertness
Take a two-minute break with different activity stations. One group plays catch with Hand-Eye Coordination Scarves, one group races to find the most pieces in the Discovery Putty, one group buttons, zips and snaps and one group uses the Foam Roller to wake up or de-stress
Set goals to increase endurance. For example, for hands that fatigue easily, encourage child to roll or punch putty and see if child can write or draw for a minute longer each time

List Date
June 01, 2021

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