Category: Wearing
Category: Wearing

Medical Paper Tape



Product Description

Product Description

Provide maximum comfort and protection using The Paper Surgical Tape by Dynarex. It is convenient to use because it tears easily. This allows for quick application. This paper tape is naturally designed to be highly porous to allow the skin to breathe. Being able to breath keeps the skin healthy. Also, while this tape does adhere to the skin to keep dressings on, or to help prevent blisters, it uses a gentle adhesive. This adhesive is designed to not irritate the skin or damage it when the tape is removed. In addition, the tape is free of rubber latex. This means it will not cause allergic reactions in people with latex sensitivities.

Medical Tape
Provides Superior Skin Adhesion
Natural, Highly Porous Construction - For Maximum Breathability
Tears Easily for Convenient Use

List Date
January 27, 2021

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