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Noise Reduction Baby Headphones



Product Description

Product Description

Why We Love It
Noise Canceling Earmuffs

Hush, little baby . . . . Snug and comfy, our Noise Reduction Headphones fit even the youngest kids. Cushioned headphones fit right over your baby's ears and a stretchy band keeps the headphones in place. Swap out the colorful headband for a fresh look! Keep your child settled and content whatever your surroundings. Compact design fits right into a diaper bag or tote and are super-light and comfortable for your baby. SNR: 25 dB (H: 31 dB, M: 22 dB and L: 15 dB). Check out headphones for kids and teens>

Helps reduce startling or distracting auditory input
Supports kids with auditory defensiveness, hyperacusis and sensory integration disorder
Made by Fun and Function
Ages 0-5
Ideas for Use:
Getting ready for takeoff? Don't forget to protect baby's delicate ears with these adorable headphones
Going to a wedding? Don't forget to bring along these feather-light and super comfortable headphones to prevent noise-induced hearing loss in your little one
Baby waking often? Use Noise Reduction Headphones to help baby sleep better at night and during nap time

List Date
May 25, 2022

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