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Category: Breathing

Phillips respironics trilogy evo w/ carry bag


Product Description

Product Description

Designed to stay with your patients wherever they go. Now with 15-hour battery life compared to Trilogy 100's six-hour battery.

Expanded cross-functionality
Features designed to treat chronic and critical patients
Works across sub-acute or chronic care environments, a patients' home or during activities. Designed with durability in mind to protect it against damage during travel.
Now with 16-hour battery life
The extended battery provides a new level of freedom
Supported by both internal and detachable batteries.
New features include:
8" touchscreen with patient-friendly displays On-screen Help and Alarm guidance and user-friendly universal names for most ventilator modes. Easy set-up and modification.
No inspiratory effort
Unique kiss trigger detects when the patient engages/disengages from mouthpiece to deliver on-demand ventilation, with the security of patient alarms.
Treats varying needs
AVAPs automatically adjusts vent support
Auto EPAP proactively adjusts to the lowest effective pressure to manage the upper airway. Auto Back-up Rate delays a machine breath until the patient exhales to maximize comfort.
Bluetooth enabled*
Patient and device data sent to Care Orchestrator
*Contact your rep for Connected models, not available online* Learn more on "Additional Info" tab
Newest Trilogy device made
User-friendly without compromising the advanced features of the innovative Trilogy family technology. SpO2, EtCO2 and advanced respiratory mechanics monitoring capabilities are designed to help you optimize your patient's therapy.
Support, service, and upkeep:
Includes 24-hour clinical support, educational training resources for both you and your patients, and extended warranties and maintenance plans. Trilogy Evo needs preventative maintenance only every four years and minimal equipment for calibration

List Date
February 07, 2023

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