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Product Description

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5 CLASSIC FUNCTIONS: These functions include elevation of the head, knees, and feet. The bed can also be lowered to 19 inches or elevated to 32 inches in height. With these functions, the patient can be positioned in Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, Fowler’s, semi-Fowler’s, high-Fowler’s, and standard chair positions. There are angle degree displays for the head elevation and Trendelenburg movements for precise positioning of the patient.
LATERAL TILTING AND ROTATION: The EZ-Turn Bed offers innovative lateral tilting and rotation of up to 30 degrees, which will help with lateral recumbent positioning of the patient. This is especially helpful for preventing pressure ulcers (bed sores) for patients who are unable to move by themselves. Traditionally, caregivers must log-roll patients and use wedge pillows at regular intervals to prevent these ulcers. Now, these movements can assisted with the EZ-Turn Bed.
LINAK ELECTRIC MOTOR ACTUATORS: The LINAK electric motor actuator and control system offers smooth and quiet movements. Controls are located on the side-rails and hand-held pendant. The LINAK system is developed in Denmark and is the leading brand for hospital beds in the world. Their intuitive design allows patients to move to comfortable positions, including the lateral recumbent position, with the press of a button. Our LINAK systems come with an integrated weighing system and display.
CENTRAL LOCKING SYSTEM: The EZ-Turn Bed comes with a central locking System with 5 inch aluminum caster wheels and brake pedals, which allow for ease of movement, even on carpeted surfaces. These features allow the bed to be easily moved on various surfaces within your home or facility
SIZE, WEIGHT LIMITS, and WARRANTY: There is a 550 lbs weight limit for safe operation of the bed. The sleeping surface is 78.7 x 35.4 inches. Overall dimensions are 86.0 x 41.8 x 19.7 - 32.3 inches. Overall bed weight is about 287 lbs.

List Date
January 31, 2023

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