Category: Medical Supplies
Category: Medical Supplies


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Product Description

Product Description

quantum motorized wheelchair (small size) with head and leg support, steering from seated or rear (person behind), and can carry a ventilator

small transport chair

cushion to separate legs when rolling a person side to side

Suction Catheter Tray with Chimney Valve, colin packed, 14 french (multiple boxes) (Argyle)

Suction Catheter 14 french (one box) (Vyaire)

Suction Catheter Kit 14 french with Water (Med Line) (kit contains gloves)

Tracheostomy care tray with gloves (multiple, 1 box)

Mini Tracheostomy care tray (about 100)

Tracheostomy tube holder (aka trach tie)

Foam Trach Tie (probably 100) individual packs

Ventilator disposable adult heated wire passive Circuit
(box of 10)

List Date
February 02, 2023

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