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Product Description

Product Description

Axiom Racer Yellow/Black. Bicycle adapter included.
The Axiom Racer is designed for comfort, performance and offers full body support and positioning.

* Lightweight Aluminum frame
* 24” quick release rear wheels, 20” quick release front wheel
* Wheel spoke covers
* Handbrake
* Safety wrist strap
* Height adjustable handle with Runner resting arms
* Individual Adjustable foot buckets with feed straps
* Compact fold - some disassembly required
* Seating area is lined with breathable coated fabric with removable pad
* Adjustable harness - Harness style options
* Reclining seat - Optional
* Behind the seat storage pocket and Water Bottle holders (2)
* Seat is removable and machine washable
* Weight capacity of 250 pounds

List Date
September 24, 2022
Product Received
June 01, 2017

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